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Sirens (1994)

Dir.: John Duigan
TC4P Rating: 6/9
Species: Not described, though obviously of a "man-eating" variety.
Appearance: Via brief dialogue only.
No actual shark appears in Sirens, which some may remember (or were drawn to initially) because the film’s chief draw was marvelous display for rampant female nudity of the Australian variety. Generally land-bound, the film manages to work a shark into the dialogue, as one of their number is mentioned as an instrument of paternal destruction as Portia de Rossi's character, Giddy, explains her past to Tara Fitzgerald's clergyman's wife, Estella:
Giddy: "Mine was taken by a shark." Estella: "God! How awful!" Giddy: "Yeah, yeah. Wasn't much left of him. So I was brought up mainly by my mother."
This dialogue is rather tossed off in Sirens, and has no real impact on the remainder of the film.  In deference to this tone, thankfully no shark shows up physically to potentially darken the film’s …