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Toothy Trailers: POTC 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales

There is no doubt that the Walt Disney-produced Pirates of the Caribbean series should be fully reviewed here on The Shark Film Office when all is said and done. While none of the films are expressly about sharks, there are glimpses of sharks here and there throughout the series, and that in itself would at least get a couple of the titles in the mix. When you widen the search to the broader theme of this website – which can include all manner of ocean life, specifically those creatures generally considered menaces by the idiots who make up the huge portion of humanity that makes things troublesome, dangerous, and noxious for the rest of us – then most of the films in the Pirates series would undoubtedly have to be counted. And if you expand it to the fantasy element that tends to flit at the edges of The Shark Film Office – the part that includes krakens of mythic proportions, half-man/half-shark buccaneers, octopus-headed captains, and murderous mermaids – then all five films end up…