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Toothy Trailers: 47 Meters Down

I am just a little bit behind on getting this posted, but as you can see, in recent days, things have finally been a little busy around The Shark Film Office. I've scraped most of the barnacles off the hull and have started to refurbish the old wreck a tad. The new (or relatively new) templates available on Blogger gave me the boost. I was a few months late in checking them out due to my hip injury (you can find out more about that on my animation blog here), but once I first rebuilt my main site, The Cinema 4 Pylon, it became clear that I was going to end up doing an overhaul to at least one more of my blogs. So far, on both sites, I am very happy with the responsive design element that has been added, though it is a bugger getting images to work on all platforms properly. Otherwise, I can't wait to dig into further tweaking of each site to make them more useful and appealing to my small (and thankfully patient) audience.

As a result of all of this injury downtime, hip fixing,…