Countdown to Halloween: Shark Exorcist (2015)

Shark Exorcist (2015)
Dir.: Donald Farmer
TC4P Rating: 1/9
Species: I suppose it is meant to be a great white shark, but the CGI rendering is not all that great. Plus, the shark attacks in the film are in a lake, so the shark is probably supposed to be a bull, though it is never mentioned. And – not for the first time in one of these films – the type of shark really doesn’t matter…

Just over one year ago, I went onto Amazon Prime and watched a film called Shark Exorcist. I knew nothing of the filmmakers or the actors involved in Shark Exorcist, nor did I know anything beyond the title Shark Exorcist. It sounded like it could be a fun, stupid time. Was it about a shark that needed to be exorcised of demons? Was it about someone who was possessed by a shark and needed to be exorcised? Or was it about a shark who has been ordained as a priest who swims the world to perform exorcism rites on other fish who have been possessed by demons?

After watching scores of mostly bad shark movies over the…

Planet Shark: Predator or Prey... The Experience | Boise, ID 2017-07-08

The last thing that I ever expected in visiting my parents in Boise, Idaho during the first week of July this summer was sharks. Landlocked Idaho? I am sure the Syfy Channel could cook up some bull sharks invading the state's lakes and rivers, but here in the real world, I never thought that the laser shark focus that rules my life currently would follow me on my vacation.

But there my stepmother Jo Ann and I were, visiting a small bookstore in Meridian, when I had one of those moments that some chalk up to luck or kismet or fate or pure coincidence... and I will not rule out any of those things in this case (even if I don't believe in the first three of them). The store visit itself was pretty disappointing; the owners seemed pretty convinced they had a dandy little place, but when I asked to see their non-fiction section and it turned out to be a mere three bookcases with books piled in every direction in no discernible order at all, I knew that it wasn't likely that the …